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Leomon EditEdit

Title King of Beasts

Noble Hero

Level Champion[1]
Type (Ja:) Beast Man

(En:) Animal

Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits

Virus Busters

Size 20.0 G[2]
Prior forms Elecmon[3]
Next forms IceLeomon[4]


Slide forms MadLeomon[6]
Partners Jeri Katou
Voice actors (Ja:Hiroaki Hirata (Adventure/Tamers/X-Evolution)

(En:Paul St. Peter (Adventure/Tamers)

Cards (Ja:St-72St-448Bo-3Bo-617Bo-1162Bo-30tDα-033Dα-440DM-021,DM-072DM02-019



Leomon is an Animal Digimon whose name and design is derived from "Leo" (Latlion). It is called the "King of Beasts", as well as the "Noble Hero". While most Digimon are ferocious, it possesses a strong will and a heart of justice, and has defeated great numbers of fiendish Digimon. Also, it is a rival to the "Digimon Hunter" Ogremon, who carries out destruction to its limit. Its tough body, which has been well-tempered by daily training, can endure any attack, and since it chokes the life out of the opponent with its quick attacks, Leomon can be said to be an outstandingCombat Species.[8] It carries a sentient magical sword called "Beast Sword" (獅子王丸 Shishiou-maru?, lit. "Lion King") on its waist.[9]

Digimon Adventure EditEdit

Main article: Leomon (Adventure)

Digimon Adventure 02 EditEdit

A Leomon is among the Digimon during the final battle against MaloMyotismonA Million Points of Light

Digimon Tamers EditEdit

Main article: Leomon (Tamers)

Digital Monster X-Evolution EditEdit

Main article: Leomon (X-Evolution)

Digimon Fusion EditEdit

Main article: Leomon (Fusion)

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 EditEdit

Main article: Leo

Digimon World EditEdit

Leomon appears in Gear Savannah to save Patamon from Goburimon, then he stands in Gear Savanna Training. He seems to be looking for something. After you get at least 45 prosperity points, Drimogemon in the Drill Tunnel's 3rd floor will finally unlock a secret path to the Leomon Temple. Find his ancestors' tablet, then give it to Leomon and he will join the city. Leomon also digivolves from Patamon and Elecmon, and then digivolves into Andromon or Mamemon depending on his stats.

Digimon World 2 EditEdit

Leomon is one of the first Digimon the player encounters, as he is present in the first mission of the game. You can also capture and train a Leomon. Leomon digivolves from ToyAgumon, and can further digivolve to Panjyamon (IceLeomon).

Digimon World 3 EditEdit

Leomon runs the Training Gym next to Asuka City.

The Leomon card is a Green Champion Card with 16/18.

Digimon World 4 EditEdit

Chief Leomon is kidnapped before the start of the game, and the players are assigned to rescue him as their first mission.

Digimon Digital Card Battle EditEdit

A Leomon card is available in the game.

A real Leomon resides on Desert Island, and judging by his white eyes and initially evil personality, is under someone's control, possibly the Devimon that also resides on Desert Island.

Digimon World DS EditEdit

Leomon digivolves from Kumamon, and can digivolve to Monzaemon. Leomon also appears at Ancient Canyon.

There is a Leomon running an arena in Digicentral.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk EditEdit

Leomon digivolves from Gaomon at LV 28 with 150 attack and 130 spirit and can digivolve to GrapLeomon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution EditEdit

Leomon digivolves from Gaomon and can digivolve into GrapLeomon. It can be found in the Resistor Jungle. It can digivolve to BanchoLeomonLeopardmon or SaberLeomon if their plates have been place on Gaomon's digivolutionary tree.

Digimon World Championship EditEdit

Renamon will digivolve into Leomon if you have 6 battles or more and 1 egg revert. He can digivolve to Monzaemon.

Digimon Battle EditEdit

Leomon is a wild Digimon found in the Gekomon Village areas. It digivolves from Elecmon and may digivolve toIceLeomon at LV 31.

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Leomon is a Champion-level Mercenary Digimon. Leomon digivolves from Elecmon, and can digivolve to Panjyamon.

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  • Fist of the Beast King (獣王拳 Jūouken?, lit. "Beast-King Fist"): Chokes the life out of the opponent with its ultimate mystery, by launching an aura in the shape of a lion's head from its fist.
  • Beast Sword (獅子王丸 Shishiou-maru?, lit. "Lion King")
  • Jūga-maru (獣牙丸? lit. "Beast Fang")[10]
  • Hasaigeri (破砕蹴り? lit. "Crushing Kick")

Leomon X EditEdit

Leomon X(レオモンX抗体 Leomon X-Antibody)
Level Champion
Type (Ja:) Beast Man

(En:) Animal

Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits

Virus Busters

Cards (Ja:Sx-14Bx-5Bx-91Dα-483


Leomon X an Animal Digimon whose name and design is derived "Leo" (Latlion). It wields the sword "Jūga-maru" (獣牙丸? lit. "Beast Fang"). It is said that its red mantle comes fromGallantmon from before acquiring the X-Antibody.[11]


  • Fist of the Beast King (獣王拳Jūouken?, lit. "Beast-King Fist")
  • Jūga-maru (獣牙丸? lit. "Beast Fang")

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